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What do we do?


At 3 Dynamic we are deeply committed 

to each of our atheltes, so they can gain their best performances in their sports' goals. 

To achieve this, we keep our athletes motivated in their daily life, by maintaining constant communication

and setting attainable goals for every moment.  

We boost your sport skills

"I belive in the skills of every individual. My method is to boost these skills to the limit of their capacities."

We work for all levels

At 3 Dynamic we work with atheltes of all levels, from 

amateurs to elite athletes. What is essential to us is 

your daily commitment. 

Because every athelte is different, we provide a customized

training approach and style.

"My goal as a trainer is to assist my athletes with

training leadership and commitment so 

they can reach their best performances".

Global services

At 3 Dynamic we take care of our athletes by covering all

their sports' requirements. Customized training, 

bikefitting (with Retül, the most advanced system) and

In case of need, we also refer our athletes to other professionals  

of specific sectors such as nutrition, chiropody, osteopathy,

physiotherapy, etc. 

"With my method and training philosophy, everyone

attains an improvement in their performance."


Other sports we can help you with

Athletics  // Swimming // Cycling  //   Motor sports