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For amateurs and professional athletes! The Retül system is the most advanced and precise equipment in the market. It's designed to provided a study of the cyclist's position while he/she is pedalling, improving his/her position on the bike, preventing injuries and guaranteeing pedalling efficiency.

Adaptable to all bikes

Road bikes  // ITT // MTB (26''-27.5''-29'') //  Cyclo-cross 


The study is carried out while the cyclist is pedalling at high intensity.

Millimetric precision thanks to the Retül state-of-the-art technology.

The cyclist's movements are rigorously analyzed in 3D.

How does a bikefitting work?

You just have to bring along your bike and cycling trainers.

can learn about your sport habits and goals.

First of all, we will carry out a personal interview so we

We will follow with a series of exercises so we can

evaluate you physical fitness (flexibility, posture:

back, knees, footstep, etc.)

Once we have finished with this careful exploration,

and if it should be positive, we will continue working on the bike. If we detect any problem, we will recommend you to visit a health specialist.

On the move

When we get you on your bike, and all the Retül system has been fitted to your articulations, we will make you pedal. While you are pedalling, you will be transmitting data to the Retül software, which we will later analyze. With the data acquired, we will modify whatever is necessary: saddle position, cleats, stem, handlebar, cranks, etc.

Saddle's height

Stem's length

Cleats of your trainers

Lever's position

Saddle substitution

If the data recived is not adequate, we will

Adjustments and modifications

adjust and modify parts of your bike for

your benefit:

Digitalisation of your bike

Once we have gained your correct position, we will transfer all your bicycle's measurements into the Retül system using a digital pen, so that we can obtain a definitive 3D picture.

Thanks to this system, you will always have your exact bike measurements so you can avoid injuries, achieve better efficiency and results.

For more information on bikefittings contact us via email or mobile phone. We'll be happy to help!